Stuart Hanberg

Stuart Hanberg is a designer on the core Athens Research team, and works on improving the look, feel, and usability of the Athens app and Athens Research website.

  • Name: Stuart Hanberg

  • Area of focus: Design

  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • Discord: shanberg

  • GitHub: @shanberg​

Ask me about

  • How the app looks and feels

  • Athens Research's visual identity


Since around 2010 I've worked in non-profit, agency, freelance (briefly), and in-house graphic, web, and UI/UX design roles. I've learned mostly by doing, making mistakes, and looking at other people's good ideas. I care a lot about how apps respect human beings, and their time, attention, and privacy. I'll talk your ears off about CSS, how visual design is subject to fashion, and whatever new thing the big tech companies just did. When I'm not designing or building something, I'm probably playing Nintendo games with my family.

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