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Last roadmap update: June 14, 2021

The core Athens Research team publishes twice-monthly updates in our GitHub discussions, grouping major projects under a few main categories: frontend, backend, community, and core. These projects are based on the core team's experience and the requests that come from the community.

The first monthly update provides goals for the month, and the second follows up with new priorities and other efforts as we find other areas of need or opportunity

June 2021

June 2021 Priorities, Part 1 / June 2021 Priorities, Part 2

The primary goal is real-time self-hosted collaboration, which is most differentiated product we can build right now. No one else is doing collaborative research/notetaking that's also self-hosted, where users/organizations own their graphs and data. If we get this right, we'll open the gates of Athens to a lot more people working on amazing projects.

Want to influence the roadmap?

We welcome community feedback for our roadmap and aim for further transparency and better inclusion. Community desires and submissions are important to us.

You can offer feedback on the roadmap by:

  • Joining our weekly community call and sharing your ideas.

  • Posting in the #community-ideas channel in Discord.

  • Contributing to or creating a new feature request discussion on GitHub. Be sure to read the guidelines about creating feature requests.