Database Selection

With Athens, each graph is its own database and because they are local, you can have as many databases as you want. In Athens, your database is stored on a file called “index.transit”. You can create, open and move databases from right within Athens. To access the database options, click the following icon on the toolbar.

After clicking it, a popover will come up with three panes.

Creating a database

To create a database, in the pane that comes up, click the New button and specify a name for the database. Once you do this, click the browse button and navigate to where you want your database to be located. Hit enter and watch as your new database is created and launched.

Tip: You can back up your database to the cloud by setting the location of the database to your dropbox folder!

Opening an existing database

On the “Open” pane of the database popup, click the Open button and navigate to the location of the index.transit file you want to load into Athens.

Moving a database

On the “Open” pane of the database popup, click the Move button and navigate to the new location you would like your database to be located in.

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