Slash Commands

Slash commands are quick way to access powerful features within the Athens app. With slash commands, you can quickly create and insert embeds, block references, todos, page links, and even the current time.

To access the slash commands, type a / to bring up the menu and continue typing to filter through the commands or scroll through them using a keyboard or mouse.

Current Slash Commands



Add Todo

Inserts a "TODO" item into the current block

Current Time

Inserts the current time in 12 hour notation


Inserts a link to today's daily note


Inserts a link to tomorrow's daily note


Inserts a link to yesterday's daily note

YouTube Embed

Allows you to enter a link and embed a youtube video

iframe Embed

Allows you to enter a link and embed an iframe(PDFs, Videos, Maps and more!)

Block Embed

Creates a Block Embed

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