Product Questions

Get answers to common questions about installing, running, and getting the most out of your experience with the open-source Athens application.

What features are you currently working on adding?

See our roadmap doc for details.

As of June 18, 2021, the best place to understand the current Athens roadmap is to view the June 2021 priorities. In terms of the Athens product, the core team is focused exclusively on delivering self-hosted real-time collaboration, which is essential to building the most differentiated product in a crowded landscape of knowledge graph tools.

How can I export my Athens database?

There is currently no export functionality. The core Athens team is still figuring out the complexity of such an effort. Follow the ongoing discussion around import/export on GitHub.

It is currently possible to import a .edn database from Roam. See the import doc for details.

How does Athens compare to other knowledge graph apps?

How does Athens compare to other notetaking apps?

How do I get a copy of my data?

You always own your data when you use Athens.

How do you decide when to make a page versus making a block?

How do I make a to do list?

Use the slash command and select the Add Todo option at the top of the popup menu. Alternatively, type Ctrl/⌘+Enter to create a todo item.

To mark the todo item as done, click the checkbox or hit Ctrl/⌘+Enter again while focused on the block.

How do I troubleshoot?

How do I report illicit use of Athens Research software?

Can I create a derivative work of Athens that is not open-source?