Share sample templates or databases

We're always looking to build out a library of templates and databases that any Athens user can download and start applying to their knowledge graph. We don't currently have a centralized "library" of these assets at this point. In fact, we're mostly focused on getting the community to share these workflows so that we can compile them into a centralized location.


Templates are placeholder blocks that you paste into a new page to provide some preconfigured structure. For example, if you use Athens for a daily journal, you might start with a template like this:

- **How many hours of sleep did I get?**
- **How am I feeling this morning?**
- **What's the one thing I need to get done today to move forward?**

Here's how to share a template:


Sample databases are one way that newer Athens users can explore workflows and learn organizational strategies from those who are more experienced with personal knowledegebase management (PKM) tools.

We have a Google Drive folder that anyone can upload an sample database to. We hope that, in time, we'll have dozens of sample databases to explore and learn from.

Use the following process to upload a sample database:

  • Create a copy of your database (the index.transit file).

  • Rename your database from index.transit to something else that describes your use case or workflow. For example, book-club.transit.

  • Upload your database to the Google Drive folder.

  • Let us know about it!

Don't upload a database with personal information that you don't want shared!